Do you have XXL Dog collars?
Yes, we have XXL collars; our largest collar is 26”.

Do you recommend your bows and flowers for large dogs?
Yes, we have large bows and flowers for large dogs.

Do you have express shipment?
Yes, we have express shipment, 1 to 2 days2 shipment, after your purchase choose express mail and please send us a message for rush order.

Are these collars adjustable?
Yes, all our dog collars are adjustable.

Are your flowers safe and secure for dogs?
Yes, they are safe and secure.

Are your dog collars good for everyday use?
Yes, they are good for everyday use.

Do you make custom orders?
Yes, we make custom dog collars from bow ties, 1flower to dress and ring pillows.

If we send color of our wedding, can you make a custom bow tie or flower collars?
Yes, we can make you custom bow ties and flowers base on your wedding themes.